On Dan Fogelberg

Singer-songwriter Dan Fogelberg has passed away. Prostate cancer. He was fifty-six.

I’m not sure that I knew Fogelberg’s music, outside of “Same Old Lang Syne.” I first heard that song on the radio, about this time of year, about twelve years ago. It was a sad, wistful song, the story of a man who meets an old flame in the grocery store, and they buy a six-pack and talk through their lives. Just a chance encounter. Something about the lyric got me, though, and the song lodged itself in my mind. There’s a certain set of memories that I’ve attached to that song. Yes — sad, wistful memories.

I never explored Fogelberg’s music, and there’s only the few times I’ve heard “Same Old Lang Syne” on the radio.

Fifty-six. It’s too young.

I’d like to think that Fogelberg is — wherever he is — having that six-pack.

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