On Daniel Schorr

I have a routine on Saturday mornings. I fix coffee. I listen to Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon. And one of the things I listen for each week is Simon’s weekly discussion with Daniel Schorr.

Simon tweeted a few minutes ago that “My longtime friend and colleague Dan Schorr has died. Please find a moment today to say goodbye to him today in your own way.”

On Saturday’s edition, I didn’t recall hearing Schorr. I kept waiting for it, and then the show was over, and no Daniel Schorr. I wonder, now, if Schorr, who was 93, was already ill and hospitalized.

Simon reflects on Schorr’s career at greater length than a Tweet will allow on NPR’s website, and NPR offers their own obituary of their Senior News Analyst.

I read one of Schorr’s books, Come To Think Of It, a few months ago.

I’ll miss hearing Daniel Schorr’s voice. I’ll miss his insights and his wisdom. Journalism has lost one of its giants.

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