On December’s Anticipations

It’s only thirteen days away now.

No, not Christmas, that that is also thirteen days away. 😉

The Doctor Who Christmas special! “A Christmas Carol”! Thirteen days away!

While Doctor Who has done Christmas specials in the past, let’s be honest. There’s nothing Christmassy about “The Christmas Invasion” or “The Runaway Bride” or “Voyage of the Damned” or “The Next Doctor” or “The End of Time, Part One.” They’re just stories that happen to be set at Christmas time. If the Sycorax had attacked Earth on April 4th instead of December 25th, it would have made absolutely zero difference to “The Christmas Invasion.” When Max Capricorn tried to crash the Titanic into Earth, October 8th would have been just as procipitous a time as December 25th. They’re not Christmas stories. Strip the Christmas trappings away, and they’re just ordinary Doctor Who stories.

“A Christmas Carol,” though. It certainly looks like Christmas. I hope it feels like Christmas.

I hope it’s fantastic. Thirteen days! Thirteen!

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