On Desks and Work

Today I got my IKEA-styled, bought at Target, computer desk back. It has sat, on the side porch, for about two weeks. The room upstairs that was to be my office didn’t quite have the room to accomodate the desk, so I worked for two weeks steadily on the room clearing out the various and sundry junk in the room. With my grandmother out of the house (my mother took her to an orchard in Frederick so that she wouldn’t be around when the DireTV installer arrived), my dad and I were able to get the desk up the stairs and into the back room.

The room is still a disaster, but it’s got my desk, it’s got my computer chair, and it’s got my bitchin’ computer speakers. 😉

Oh, and my computer, of course. It’s got my computer now, so there’s now no longer the danger of my grandmother pestering me about going to bed when I just really want to jerk people around on the ‘net… err, I mean, write late at night.

At the same time, I received a phone call this morning. The placement agency I interviewed with this morning doesn’t yet have a position for me, but they wanted to know if I would be interested in a temp position at a medical firm downtown in Fells Point. We talked for a few minutes about the position, then the agent mentioned money, and how could I say no to the money they were offering, even if it’s only for three or four weeks? So, starting Monday morning, I’ll be doing some sort of data entry thing in Fells Point.

So, all in all, not a bad day. Computer desk, DirecTV, hooked up the XBox, and a job opportunity. Yep, things are looking pretty nice right now.

Except for the nasty e-mail I need to write to GameStop. They didn’t pay me for my final day. I can take a reasonable guess as to how this happened. I worked one day past the final day I’d given on my resignation letter, and I suspect that my final day keyed into the system was what I had in the resignation letter, not the day after.

And yes, I really am listening to Christmas music. In September.

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