On Doctor Doctor

A completely random search in iTunes made me realize how much I’d love to see Doctor Doctor, the Matt Frewer medical sitcom of the late 80s, released on DVD.

I’ve not seen it in years. There’s probably nothing remarkable about the series at all. But for some reason I have fond memories of the show and Frewer’s performance as a slightly manic doctor. Was it amusing? Don’t really recall. And yet, were it to be available, I’d buy it. Just because of the fond memories that are, in all reality, fuzzy beyond recognition.

The human mind is weird that way sometimes.

2 thoughts on “On Doctor Doctor

  1. Have a few episodes that I stuck on the end of early season Next Generation tapes as they just fit. You’re right, it wasn’t a break out show by any means, but I still loved it and followed it around as it bounced around the CBS schedule.

  2. I recall it as one of the sharper shows of that period, and Frewer as a great comedic actor. But, as you say, these memories are over 10 years old, and utterly unreliable.

    Well, at some point, every series ever made will be available on DVD or download-on-demand or somesuch, so we can re-evaluate then.

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