On Doctor Who: Neverland

Today I finally finished listening to Neverland. I received …ish earlier in the week (in short–excellent, very strange, and no other Doctor than Colin Baker could have done this story), and then gave Neverland another go.

Oh my fucking god. I think I uttered that immortal phrase about six or seven times during the story.

Quite frankly, Neverland is what The Ancestor Cell should have been.

One thing that bothers me–everyone refers to the eighth Doctor as being 900 years old. Uhm, no. Colin was 900 in Revelation of the Daleks, Sylvester was around 953 in Time and the Rani, and the novels have said that the Doctor was a little past a thousand in Enemy Within. (And then he’s 1200 in The Dying Days, and I found it interesting that Lance Parkin left it as that in the serialized version of the book on the BBC website, saying that the book clearly takes place for the Doctor about a hundred years after where the novels currently are.)

I noted a reference to All-Consuming Fire; Vansell mentions the Library of St. John the Beheaded.

I suspect, and I freely admit I could be completely wrong about this, that given the way the audios next autumn are named and the fact that there’s one for the fifth, sixth, and seventh Doctors, that those audios will also end with cliffhangers, with those three (and Neverland) all leading into Zagreus. At least, that’s something I would do because it would be sort of cool to do.

I’m not sure that having the real Rassilon appear to both the Doctor and Romana was that good an idea.

So, Neverland. Me like-ey. 🙂

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