On Doctor Who’s Utah Location Shoot

Doctor Who is coming to the United States!

No, not that it’s coming to American television; it’s already airing on BBC America, and it’s doing quite well for them.

No, two episodes of Doctor Who‘s forthcoming season will be filmed on location in Utah.

Doctor Who will open, for the first time since the series returned to screens in 2005, with a season-opening two-parter. Written by Steven Moffat, for this story “key scenes will be filmed in Utah for a story set in the late ’60s in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves on a secret summons that takes them on an adventure from the desert in Utah — right to the Oval Office itself.”

While filming on the Utah scenes won’t happen for another month, BBC America is clearly psyched about this co-production deal, as they’ve already produced a brief teaser video:

I wonder if the production may also trek out to Hollywood. If they’re filming a scene (or scenes) in the Oval Office, why build a set when there are perfectly good standing White House sets in Hollywood? Like for The Event, for instance. I’ve little doubt it would be cheaper to rent a set (that may well be more accurate than any the BBC could build) for a day’s filming than it would be to build the set.

The new season of Doctor Who begins in the spring. 😎

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