On Doing a Tech Round-Up

Two things.

Reader Kathryn Meadmore asked me to pass along the following information for UK-based Whovians:

UKTV Gold are showing all 13 episodes from the new series of Dr Who in one week. It premiers on Sunday 23rd October at 7pm, and viewers can expect to see the first three parts back-to-back, followed by double-bills every day for the rest of the week.

Not really of interest to American fans, sadly, but for the UK readers I have, go watch some Who! 🙂

And the other note. PSP users beware. A firmware rollback patch turns out be be malware that will turn your PSP into a very expensive brick.

I know, from speaking with customers at the store, that there’s a good number of tech hobbyist PSP users who want to run all sorts of homebrew applications on their system. Sony, however, keeps updating the system’s firmware to prevent that, and some customers have talked to me about a “rollback” patch, to revert the system to its previous state.

Because hackers can be stupid and malicious, one of the patches being offered wipes the system flash ROMs instead, leaving the PSP utterly useless.

Just be careful out there, PSP users.

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