On Doing Darwin Proud

I read a few days ago about a Darwin Award winner — he was eaten by bears at a beer festival. Because, yes, everyone wants to get drunk in the bear cage in a zoo.

The story I read this morning has a happier ending.

A fourteen year-old North Carolina boy put his XBox 360 power supply…

…in a bucket of water.

The 360 power supply, for those unaware, is about a foot long and weighs a good twenty pounds. It’s one serious mofo piece of hardware. And when you run your XBox 360, the power supply gets hot enough to fry an egg. (Look on YouTube; I’m sure you’ll find videos.)

Wanting to cool down the very hot piece of equipment, the boy put it in a bowl of water. Resulting in a very nasty electrical shock that left him unconscious.

It’s a wonder nothing more serious happened.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Do not take your XBox 360 power supply and put it in water, while you’re playing the system.

Also, don’t drink bear with beers. Because that never ends well.

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