On Dry Conditions

Yesterday afternoon I drove out to Eldersburg. I needed breakfast cereal, which meant a trip to Big Lots.

To reach Eldersburg I have to cross the Liberty Reservoir twice.

As I crossed the first bridge — the longer of the two — I noticed something quite interesting.

An island had formed in the center of Liberty Reservoir.

The water levels in the lake have fallen the past few months. We’ve had very little rain since the spring, and Baltimore is a thirty city. I’d hiking down to the lake’s shore about two months back, and discovered that the lake’s shore was some twenty feet further out than it had been back in April. Now, the shorelines are even further extended, if a bar in the lake has become an island.

As bad as this may seem, we have rain in the forecast for this week. I doubt that weather conditions will replicate Seattle — as they did last autumn — but even some rain will be good.

At least things aren’t as bad here are they are in North Carolina, though. Cities have banned car washing and lawn watering — not that those things are necessary, anyway — and there are reports that the city of Rocky Mount will be without water come December.

If North Carolina is that bad for water, I think they may need a hurricane. Or three. Not good. Not good at all.

Fortunately, things aren’t that bad here.

Water. It’s something you need, and if you don’t have it, then it’s really really bad. :/

One thought on “On Dry Conditions

  1. And the truly unfortunate thing is that people have to suffer the lack of a basic resource because local politicians sold out to real estate developers to cash in on a booming housing market. We had a spot of rain in Northern Virginia on Friday, which was pretty much dried up by Saturday afternoon. Oh well, global warming is a myth invented by liberals, right? Feh.

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