On Dull Television Viewing

The Baltimore Sun lied to me. In today’s television listings, they had Boston Legal on at ten o’clock.

Ten o’clock rolled around. I settled in for more hijinks at Crane, Poole, and Schmidt…

And instead I got a repeat of the pilot episode of Cashmere Mafia.

It was on Sunday night, I think. I saw briefly in the paper then that it starred Miranda Otto (the Lord of the Rings films), Frances O’Connor (A.I.) and Lucy Liu (the Charlie’s Angels films). Sum total of my knowledge. Oh, and that the reviews were not exactly effusive in their praise.

Since it was on, I’d watch until I was bored and/or tired of it.

First commercial break. It was really bad.

I figure this will last due more to the fact that ABC has episodes in the can and they need to plug holes in the schedule with new programming until the well runs dry than due to any issues of quality.

Such is life in the age of the writers strike.

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