On Ewoks

Some people do like Ewoks. My college roommate came to school with Ewok sheets for his bed and Ewok towels. Where he found them I have no idea. Why he wanted to use them was beyond me.

I don’t much like the Ewoks. They’re cute. They don’t die. They get the drop on highly trained Imperial Stormtroopers. (Though based on the other Star Wars films, I suppose the “highly trained” part is arguable.)

For me, the Ewoks ruin a perfectly good film. The drama between Luke, Vader, and the Emperor is top-notch, the space battle is spectacular, but the skulking around with the Ewoks introduces a note of levity into the proceedings that’s inappropriate. I think I notice that more today because it’s so easy to watch all three classic Star Wars films in quick succession; when Return of the Jedi came out, though, people were going more off their memories of A New Hope and Empire than a recent impression from the fifty millionth VHS viewing.

So, as an expression of my feelings on the Ewoks, “The Dalek Invasion of Endor” fit the bill. Now, should the Daleks also attack Naboo and the Gungans? Or might the Silurians be a better choice…? 😉

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