On Father Dougal

I thought I was being clever.

I was listening to the BBC World Service this morning, and the broadcast focused almost exclusively on the new Pope and his views on a variety of subjects.

Snarky bastard that I am at times, I had a strange thought. Too bad the College of Cardinals hadn’t elevated Father Dougal Maguire to the Papacy.

Father Dougal is, of course, one of the three priests on Craggy Isle on the Britcom Father Ted. Dougal is the dopey one. He plays Pinky to Father Ted’s Brain.

So what do I discover? That elevating Father Dougal is an Internet joke that’s been floating around for about two weeks. Which means there’s someone out there as off-kilter as I am. ๐Ÿ˜‰

3 thoughts on “On Father Dougal

  1. The problem was that paddypower (on online bookie from ireland) put him on at 1000/1 as a joke. Then the Washington Post ran it as a serious story.

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