On Feeling Philosophical

Today is a decisive day.

The Cubs must win today. The Cubs must win today.

Maybe, if all six billion people on the Earth start chanting “Cubs” at the exact same time…


So, what am I going to do? I’m going to share some thoughts of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius:

Adjust to your destiny.
Love all that happens,
and outwardly,

(Yes, the particular version of The Meditations I have is translated into a poetic structure. It’s an… interesting take on the Stoic philosopher.)

So, if the Cubs lose today, then it was meant to be that way. We live in the best of all possible worlds, don’t we? Marcus Aurelius again:

Frequently contemplate
the interconnection of all things
in the holistic Universe
and their inter-relationship.
All things have an amiable
correspondence with each other.
By reason of their contraction
and expansion
in movement,
there is an empathy that breathes
through them
and their essential unity.

Whatever happens, happens. But I’m a Cubs fan. I hold to hope. I have to hope.


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