On Finally Doing My Taxes

Lo, the days were accomplished, and in the hills and throughout the lands there was much rejoicing and the sweet sound of song filled the gentle airs.

No, not Easter.

My taxes.

I put off doing my taxes. “I’ll get around to it,” I kept saying. With the Ides of April deadline staring me in the face, I knew I had to sit down and do them.

Why did I put them off? I wasn’t expecting to owe anything this year — and indeed, I didn’t.

Last year, I bungled things slightly. My federal taxes were fine. My state taxes, I wound up owing a couple of hundred dollars. I took steps to avoid a repeat; I rejiggered my state withholding.

And it worked out.

Still, why did I put it off?

Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

In the mail the returns go tomorrow.


One thought on “On Finally Doing My Taxes

  1. If you’re not expecting to owe anything, all the more reason to do them early and get any refund from their pocket into yours.

    (I mean, if you have your withholdings calculated exactly, that’s one thing, but I’ve not yet managed it.)

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