On Finishing Up the Redesign

A couple of people have asked whatever became of my blog redesign, which I started working on about two weeks ago, give or take.

Well, it’s done, actually. I didn’t felt any need to announce to the world, “I did new stuff with WordPress! Come take a look!” πŸ˜†

I know, that’s so unlike me. I finished up the coding that weekend, when the snow fell.

The major features of the redesign:

  • I decided that I needed to have links to some of my work on the front page of my website. If you visit the front page and the front page only, you’ll see a short bio and blurbs, with cover art, for three publications. If you reach any other page in the website, these won’t appear. Figuring out that code was fun. πŸ™‚ On the other hand, the CSS code was easy; I pilfered that from solucija‘s free Internet Sharing website template.
  • I dropped the number of posts WordPress displays in the blog from 10 posts to 5. The people who will notice this the most are readers on the iPhone, Droid-powered phones, and other mobile devices. People reading this site on an RSS feed won’t even notice.
  • There’s a feature I don’t know quite how to describe, because it’s not presently active, as there’s no content in a particular category at the moment. I have tested this, however, and when I start using it, it will be particularly neat. That said, people on mobile devices or readers through RSS feeds won’t notice any actual difference; it will just be a different kind of content as a blog post.
  • I reinstated the tagline for my website.

A lot of work, for a couple of aesthetic things. I’m pleased.

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