On Fireworks

For the neighbors, who live in the house vaguely across the street, every holiday is an occasion to set off fireworks.

They had a dozen cars in their yard or on the street this afternoon. It’s not a large house they have, and I imagine they had the sort of loud, boisterous Thanksgiving feast that people normally associate with the holiday.

(Mine was somewhat lower key. With my grandmother not even wanting Thanksgiving dinner.)

Not long after the sun went down, they started setting off fireworks. There were ones that soared high into the air. There were loud ones. There were bright ones. There were ones that made all sorts of popping sounds as they fell from the sky.

It was like the fourth of July. Only not as warm.

It was pleasant to watch. I interrupted my viewing of old Monty Python episodes on DVD to take a look.

I imagine there will be fireworks for Christmas as well. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. 🙂

Hope everyone had a grand holiday.

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