On First Contact

I watched Star Trek: First Contact tonight for the first time in five or six years.

I’d like to say I liked it. Sadly, I still don’t.

But what do I know? I think Star Trek V is a lot better than many others do, while nearly every fan I’ve spoken with can’t find anything worthwhile to say about the film.

I must have strange tastes. 😉

4 thoughts on “On First Contact

  1. Umm… Star Trek V at least had decent music. 🙂 It’s been far too long for me to coment on any content of the movie beyond that, though—probably as long since I’ve seen that as it had been for you with First Contact.

    (Not to say that First Contact is high-quality Trek… but it’s at least entertaining by dint of having ‘splosions. ;))

  2. Would it help if I said that I really don’t like The Final Frontier but I also think First Contact is really overrated?

  3. I liked Star Trek V. I think Bob Greenberger said it best years ago in the letters column of the Trek comic book he was editing at the time. (And I’m paraphrasing here.) “It’s nice to look in on some old friends and know they’re all right.” He admitted that it wasn’t the strongest entry in the series, but it had its merits. I liked it. I still laugh at Scotty knocking his head on the piping and I love the line, “Do ye not know a jailbreak when ye see one?”

  4. Probably the best aspect of Star Trek V is the examination of the Big Three’s friendship. The Sha-Ka-Ree plot is, to me, one big Eh.

    As for First Contact, the action aboard the Enterprise was serviceable but I much preferred the Zefram Cochrane stuff happening on Earth. I like the film, but I think it receives its admiration from being the best of the TNG film outings.

    For the record, I’ve watched Star Trek V more often than I have First Contact though I chalk that up to my inherent bias for TOS 🙂

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