On Fun Lines I’ve Written

No, I’m not going to give you the context:

“I am told that Attorney General Mukasey has a lucrative side career as a professional Hellboy impersonator.”

I realize it’s not half as funny as I think it is.

Doesn’t matter. It amuses me, and that‘s what matters. 😆

2 thoughts on “On Fun Lines I’ve Written

  1. I’m thinking of revising it to a different wording (yes, it happens to be for something):

    “I am told former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has found a lucrative new career as a professional Hellboy impersonator.”

    Or maybe, “I am given to understand that former…”

    I’m amused that, just as I coined the phrase “Emo Worf,” I may have coined another phrase — “professional Hellboy impersonator.” 😆

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