On Gallifreyan Fob Watches

Scouring the wilds of the Internet, I came across this:

The Doctor’s fob watch! From “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood”!

Supposedly, it even works.

No, you’re not going to be able to store your soul in it, but there’s an actual watch mechanism inside.

Despite not normally wearing a watch, I sort of want it.

And despite not liking the episodes very much, I sort of want it.

It just looks neat.

13 thoughts on “On Gallifreyan Fob Watches

  1. The plastic makes me a little less keen on it, but that’s still very cool…

    And despite not liking the episodes very much

    Why not? Do you feel they suffer in comparison with the novel, or is it for some other reason(s)…?

  2. Edgar, it’s a curious thing.

    There’s a lot that’s the same, but there’s enough that’s different — and different enough — that it’s frustrating.

    And my favorite parts of the book weren’t there. (I’m particularly fond of the scene where the Doctor learns to kiss. And the scene near the end, narrating from Wolsey the cat’s POV, of the Doctor weeping for what he’s lost is heartrending.)

    Also, I have some real issues with the structure of the story. The final ten minutes of “Family of Blood,” in particular, deflate the episode for me.

    There’s a lot that I really like about the two episodes. But the things that I don’t like strike me as being so off that I’m frustrated by the episodes.

  3. Carey, it is pretty badass, yeah. 🙂

    Andrew, I hadn’t thought of it quite that way, but you’re absolutely correct. (Of course, it’s because the production team used the same prop for the Doctor’s watch and the Master’s watch. I guess it’s a standard accessory in the TARDIS. Again, a case where the novel makes a bit more sense than the episodes.)

    It’s the Master‘s fob watch. It’s the fob watch that belonged to the most evil being Time Lord society ever produced. I like that. 😀

  4. Well, the watch you’re discussing is really just a child’s toy, which will inevitably become a collectors item in its own right.
    However, if you’re quick, you can have a very stylish upmarket metal version of The Master’s fob watch, of which only 1000 have been made.
    These are an official BBC release, with their own engraved edition number on the back and come with Sir Derek Jacobi’s signature in the presentation box.
    It’s a fully functioning dress watch, complete with silver face and an eerie blue light.
    These are now almost impossible to find, but there are some left at Scificollector, in the UK.
    They won’t be there long.

  5. The 1500 limited edition Fob Watch mentioned above, that was actually produced by Scificollector, has long sold out, but the same version, minus the etched edition number and the limited edition packaging/signature, will be available Oct ’09 and pre-orders are currently being taken at £39.99 or £44.99 which will also include a limited edition of 2000 ‘Masters’ badge pack.

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