On George Harrison and “The Pirate Song”

It’s another International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and while I normally post a bootleg video of George Harrison’s performance of “The Pirate Song” on Eric Idle’s Rutland Weekend Television, this morning I found something far more interesting.

A ukulele cover of “The Pirate Song”!

Yes, the things that amuse me…

This cover is by someone named Ukulele Ray, and until this morning I’d never heard of him.

It turns out, he’s done an entire album of George Harrison covers, If Not For Uke: A Ukulele Tribute to George Harrison.

Yes, I bought the mp3s from Amazon.

It’s fun. I probably won’t listen to it very often, but that’s not a criticism of the album, as it’s clearly done with a lot of love and a lot of fun. There’s feeling to the musicianship, and the cover of “Here Comes the Sun” is positively lovely. And “The Pirate Song” is delightfully demented.

On that note…

Yarrr! Avast! Ahoy! Hand me me grog!

Okay, that’s out of my system for another year. :)_

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