On Getting Organized

I received an e-mail this morning for a software product being given away at Giveaway of the Day, a website that puts up links to commercial software that’s free for a download that day.

Today’s Giveaway? Liquid Story Binder XE. The software is supposed to keep track of a writer’s outlines, notes, character sketches, and drafts.

I’m not sure whether this would be useful for me or not. It’s certainly an intriguing idea, and I downloaded the installer — it’s a 2.5 meg download, so not big at all — to see how it works out.

One thought on “On Getting Organized

  1. Great find. I’m definitely intrigued and I’ve downloaded it. The only thing about the Giveaways are the limited time to use the installer EXE. But who knows, if I wind up loving LSB XE I’ll probably just buy the software. Thanks for the link!

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