On Getting the Job

Good news, everybody!

I think I might’ve mentioned it a time or three, but I work for Electronics Boutique. You’re probably familiar with it; it’s one of the world’s leading software and video game retailers, and I’ve been working for them for close to two years now in a variety of capacities. What began as a lark turned into something permanent, a nice promotion to Assistant Store Manager, and a comfortable groove. Managers came and went in my store, but I was as constant as the northern star. So, my manager Dave, tired of the grind, applied for a tech support position at our Home Office, and I interviewed to manage the store. And I got the position, and a nice pay raise.

The one downside is that I have no staff. I’m interviewing people almost daily, but I’m horribly understaffed, and as a result, incredibly overworked. Not the best way to settle into the position, and I know it won’t be a permanent situation. At least, it better not be a permanent situation.

So, when people ask me these days how life has been, I’m answering, what life? I seem to live at work, then go home, feed my cat, pop in a video, and fall asleep while watching it, only to get up and go to work, and repeat day after day after day. Why can’t it be July; I’m taking a week’s vacation in July.

I’m at once wearied and excited. The funny thing about the promotion is that I forgot to tell a lot of people about it. I got the promotion, did the usual double-take, then placed a couple of phone calls and promptly forgot about the rest. Oh, well.

So, now I’m the big kahuna, calling all the shots. At least there’s a paid business trip to Las Vegas in the fall…



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