On Getting Things Fixed

Hopefully, this will be the last post on upgrading WordPress. Hopefully. 😉

It took about two hours, but the sidebar links finally work again. It wasn’t an easy fix–I dug through files of the WordPress code to figure out how the new WordPress code passed arguments to the database to pull link categories and, by extension, the links themselves. “The file’s called Links, let’s see what’s in there!” “Wait! This file is called Categories, there’s gotta be something I can use in there!” “Oh, bugger, what about this file over here!”

Ultimately, I pieced together one line of .php code, dropped it into the file that controls the sidebar, and voila!

Actually, it took two tries. Don’t think I’m that good. 🙂

But I was very close the first time. That attempt gave me all the link categories (plus the associated links), along with all the categories I’ve used for posts over the years. So then it became a case of figuring out how to pass the argument to filter out the post categories and leave the link categories.

So back to reading code I went. But it didn’t take nearly as long. Maybe ten more minutes.

And now, it’s done. The upgrade. And to think I thought it’d be a fifteen minute deal two days ago. Oh, how little did I know….

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