On Ghost Towns

The office was a ghost town. Tumbleweeds could be seen rolling through the cubicle maze. Somewhere in the distance, a harmonica twittered.

How much of the building was closed today? I couldn’t begin to guess.

A good two-thirds of the company seemed to be gone today. The parking lot was deserted. People were getting done what they needed to do and then splitting.

I stuck it out until quarter ’til six. I finished writing catalog content about quarter past five, delivered it where it needed to go, and then went back to my cubicle and took a look at what I needed to write on Monday.

The cleaning crew was surprised when they came to empty out the trashcans — and I was still in my part of the building.

That was surely a sign. I couldn’t get anything more written today. My mind already felt like mush.

Yet, today wasn’t a total waste. I learned when Fantagraphics’ remastered Prince Valiant collections are going to start coming out, and I’m really excited by that.

I didn’t mind the ghost town-like qualities of today, though. Sometimes, we all need some mellow time. 🙂

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