On Grey's Anatomy

So, I watched the season finale for Grey’s Anatomy. I’d watched the first few episodes, decided that it was derivative crap, and tuned out. But with nothing better to watch, I flipped the television over to ABC and watched.

Stupid fun. That’s about the best way to describe the show. It’s not a serious hospital drama, but it’s not darkly humorous the way House is. The humor in Grey’s comes from the stupidity of the characters. They do stupid things. Tonight was no exception.

The promo promised a shocking final five minutes. No, more like a shocking final thirty seconds, and even that wasn’t a shock. Nothing telegraphed the final scene of the season, but it was pretty easy to guess that, in an episode built around secrets, that every character would have their secrets revealed, even if most of those secrets were positively moronic.

Wait, Christina’s secret didn’t get outed.

A waste of an hour. That sums up tonight’s Grey’s.

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