On Growing Pains

The day I long feared finally arrived.

My website had outgrown my server space

I took a radical step, one that I wouldn’t have done without a back-up.

I nuked every post older than 2,000 days ago.  In other words, the years 2001 to 2007 are now gone.

They will return to the new site in the spring.  In the short term, though, I needed the space on the server — and those old posts were taking up space.

The coding on the new site is done, save for the mobile theme.  Once I get moved and settled I’ll tackle that.

I used to think WordPress’ code was bloated, but its databases are, too.

Good times.

4 thoughts on “On Growing Pains

  1. 40 megabytes. The wp_posts database went from 71 to 31 after the delete and the optimize. I hoped the optimize would be enough on its own, but that only saved me 4 (whick put me righr under my server space limit), so I went for the delete.

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