On Guillermo del Toro and the Hobbit Movies

I found myself antsy this week.

This is the week that Guillermo del Toro’s deal to direct The Hobbit duology has to be made. He’s said as much in interviews. If it’s not this week, The Hobbit will happen, but not with del Toro.

I keep checking TheOneRing.net. Daily. Even hourly.

Maybe there’s been movement. Maybe there’s been the legal breakthrough.

I don’t know what the issues are. Doesn’t matter, truthfully. That’s between del Toro and New Line (or is it Warners, these days?).

Still waiting. Still waiting.

And then I see this.

It’s official.

Guillermo del Toro is directing the two Hobbit films.


Because there’s two things that came through in the interviews that del Toro has given in the past two months, even since his name was floated.

He really had a feel for the material, and more importantly, he really wanted to do it.

Guillermo del Toro is directing The Hobbit and sequel.

Now, he can talk up Hellboy II in interviews. 😉

But this means that Hellboy III is going to be at least six years off. 🙁

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