On Guy Fawkes Day

It occurs to me, as I sit here drinking my morning coffee, that today is the Fifth of November.

Guy Fawkes Day.

The Gunpowder Plot isn’t something that Americans think of often, if ever. It’s a footnote in history books. I took a class in college on Stuart England, and Guy Fawkes got maybe a thirty-second mention. In the grand scheme of history, Guy Fawkes probably wasn’t that important.

Yet, Guy Fawkes did inspire Alan Moore when he wrote V For Vendetta.

I can think of no more appropriate day for watching V For Vendetta than today. So, maybe after work tonight, I’ll put in the DVD.

The John Lennon-inclined can listen to “Remember” from Plastic Ono Band. Ending, as it does, with the line, “Remember, remember, the fifth of November!”

Guy Fawkes Day, people. Go blow some shit up. 😉

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