On Happy News

On Friday I was bummed.

Across the Universe opened wide on Friday. But the closest theater with the film? The DC suburbs.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with driving thirty miles for a movie. I’ve done it before. But it’s hardly a pleasant drive into the DC suburbs. All that traffic!

Had yesterday remained dreary and blustery, perhaps I’d have gone to the DC ‘burbs. But I didn’t. The dreariness lasted not past nine.

This morning’s Baltimore Sun had an article on Across the Universe. Well, sort of. It was really rather an article on the resurgence of movie musicals, and it talked Across the Universe for perhaps two paragraphs.

According to said article, the film opens in the Baltimore market this coming weekend.

Which had better be true. I think I need to see this film the way I need oxygen. I think the last thing I jonesed this much for was… “Last of the Time Lords.”

The Sun article, as an aside, was not at all complementary toward Across the Universe. Well, y’know, I like the soundtrack. The trailer is nothing short of amazing. And there’s no way this is going to be All This and World War II or Sgt Pepper. No. Sodding. Way. 🙂

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