On Having Seen the Rain

I’ve put some John Fogerty in the CD player this morning.


Because it’s raining, that’s why!

It’s been so sodding dry since August it’s not amusing.

The reservoir, when I went out to Eldersburg over the weekend, had fallen drastically. The Baltimore Sun showed an aerial picture of the reservoir in the paper just recently, and the shoreline was some forty or fifty feet further out than where it should have been.

So, John Fogerty. “I want to know, have you ever seen the rain?”

Well, it’s been raining for about thirty hours now.

It’s not a heavy rain. It’s a steady rain. It’s a solid rain. It’s neither cold not warm. It’s not particularly windy. It’s just… nice.

It’s the kind of rain one wants in autumn. It’s the kind of rain where, if you can, you just want to stay inside, under the covers. With a coffee. And watch movies.

Rain. Rain. Rain.

It’s supposed to do this for another day or three.

I won’t complain.

We need the rain. 🙂

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