On Headaches

Today seems to be a day for headaches. All throughout the friends list I see people suffering from cranial pain.

I, too, suffer that pain.

It's part migraine. I can tell by the location.

It's part exhaustion. Last night's inventory kicked my fucking ass. I basically put in two eight-hour days yesterday — from 9 to 5, and from 8 to 4. And people wonder why EB Games tires me so….

It's part that contact headache from the baked kid in the store.

I'd love it if this headache went away. I'll pop more pills shortly. I want to sleep, but the headache's unlikely to let me.

I've decided that a headache is a living thing. It wants to live. It wants to grow. It knows that, if I don't sleep, I'll have a headache tomorrow, and it will live another hour, another day. No living thing wants to die. Headaches don't want to die. Ergo, a headache is a living thing.

It's just so tempting to shove something through the skull, through the cranial wall, and attack the headache at its source. I know that would be a Very Bad Thing to do, yet the urge remains. If this headache continues, this living thing will be hating life.


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