On Heading Back to Work

Yesterday morning I got back from our annual manager’s conference in Las Vegas. After four days in Vegas I needed sleep. I’m now feeling mostly refreshed.

I had a good time in Vegas. I didn’t plan on playing the slots, until I found a slot machine with a Munsters theme. I kid you not. Lost two dollars, had no idea what I was doing, and did I mention I lost two dollars? Good times were had by all.

For a variety of reasons I neglected to eat dinner on Monday, which had me waking up in the middle of the night with horrific stomach cramps. Tuesday night the hotel restaurants were all booked, so I hiked down to a Walgreens on the Strip, bought Hostess Cupcakes and cream soda, and settled down in the hotel room to watch House and Boston Legal. I hammered away on a plot outline (which I’ll type up tonight).

These are the personal highlights, some of them anyway.

The majority of the time was spent in management classes. Some on training. Some on adjusting to change. And there are changes coming due to the merger. They’re happening already, and things haven’t even been signed on the dotted line.

Today I’m back in the store, the first time since last Friday. I’ll see how things have been in my absence. Did the store hold together? How were sales? How does the store look? And I’ll start introducing the changes the company wants to implement for the fourth quarter. So, it’s not really that different than any other day.

2 thoughts on “On Heading Back to Work

  1. Sadly, Jackie, I didn’t have the time or opportunity to visit the Star Trek Experience. I wanted to, but our schedule this year was far more packed than in previous years, and I had something else to work on.

    The day before flying out to Vegas an editor e-mailed me about a short story pitch I’d sent him, and he wanted a fuller outline due when I got back. I spent what free time I had, then, holed up in my hotel room with my notecards figuring out the story I wanted to tell.

    (And Jackie, the outline is for the story pitch I asked you to read at Shore Leave. You know, the really different one. ;))

    Found the story I wanted to tell. Got the outline written. We’ll see where things go from here. 🙂

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