On How I'd Vote In Scotland

With politics on the brain, I wondered. If I lived overseas how would I vote? So, after much digging, I found Who Should You Vote For, a website that quizzes you on political and personal beliefs and then matches you to a UK political party.

Scotland, I decided. If I were a Scot, if I wore a kilt, how would I vote? Scottish National Party? The Liberal Dems? How? Enquiring minds want to know!

Who should I vote for in Scotland?

Your expected outcome:

Liberal Democrat

Your actual outcome:

Labour -21     
Conservative -36     
     Liberal Democrat 63
UKIP -8     
     Green 81
     Scottish National Party 93
     Scottish Socialist Party 99

You should vote: Scottish Socialist Party

The SSP is an anti-capitalist party that seeks to create an independent Scottish state. Unsurprisingly it would introduce higher marginal tax rates than the LibDems and have a strong focus on the welfare state. It supports reduction of CO2 emissions, and is anti both the European Constitution and the Euro.

Take the test at Who Should You Vote For

Doesn't really help with the elections here in Maryland in a week and a half, but if I'm ever confronted with a ballot in Scotland I'll know what to do. 🙂

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