On Hurricanes

So, there’s a hurricane coming up the east coast through Florida. Excuse me, a tropical depression. But it’s coming up the coast. Passing through North Carolina, on its way up north, to Baltimore and points beyond. Tomorrow.

But tomorrow, I’m driving from Raleigh to Baltimore, for the Shore Leave science-fiction convention. I’ll be driving through rain the whole frelling way.

I am so not looking forward to this.

The convention, yes. Driving in rain, no.

Must plan the listening material for the trip. I’m thinking some Doctor Who audios, but which?

Ay, carumba!

2 thoughts on “On Hurricanes

  1. Well, it looks like Homeland Security has upped the terrah alert for travel in reaction to the London attacks this morning. So getting in and out of BWI should be almost as much fun as driving in near-hurricane weather.

    See ya there, fates willing!

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