On Ideas

Some days, Batman once said, you cannot get rid of a bomb.

Occasionally, I’ll have a story idea like that. It’s something I just cannot get rid of.

Recently I’ve had four abso-smurf-ly killer story ideas. For Boston Legal. And absolutely nothing I can do with them–though I could write a teleplay on spec, I’d never sell it to David E. Kelley Productions (as I don’t have an agent and Hollywood isn’t open to people who aren’t in Hollywood), and there’s no one publishing Boston Legal tie-in novels for me to pitch any of these ideas to. (And frankly, one relies so much on stunt casting that it simply wouldn’t work as a novel. Because, what would be the frelling point?)

So, they’re just going in a file for right now. Maybe, someday, I’ll be able to salvage something out of them. Maybe, someday, like Batman, I’ll be able to get rid of a bomb.

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