On Impatience

Oh, Image Comics, you task me.

They publish this majestically awesome comic, Phonogram. The first series, which came out a few years ago, is a bit like the love child of High Fidelity and Hellblazer. The second series, Phonogram: The Singles Club, is different — a series of single issue character sketches, all set in the confines of a single club on a single night, with each issue revealing different aspects of what music and life mean to people.

I read issue #1 of The Singles Club back in December. Issue #2 followed in May. Issue #3 was in mid-June. Issue #4 was in late July.

Issue #5 was supposed to be out this week. I read a review of it on Comic Book Resources. I was pumped. I was psyched.

The issue isn’t shipping. 😕

Misprint error. New copies will be in stores on the 18th.

Okay, yes, that’s just an extra week.

But I want it now. I need it. Now. Please. Please. Let me have it now. 😥

God, I’m like a damn addict. Clearly, I am not a patient person.

Curse you, misprints! Curse you, Red Baron!

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