On Inventory

It’s done.

My last inventory at the store was a year and a week ago. It’s not the longest span I’ve had between inventories–that was seventeen months back in 2001–but it’s the longest I’ve had since I came down to North Carolina. Previously, I’d been averaging a physical inventory every eight months or so.

Rule of thumb. The longer you go between inventories, the better you are at keeping your product in your store. How do you track that? The company provides a number of controls, and a manager who uses them will know on any given day where their theft issues might be. Considering how little product in the store is live and accessible to the customer, the majority of theft issues in a given store would be internal, not shoplifting.

A bad inventory result puts a store on an action plan and an inventory schedule of sixty-day intervals. I feel lucky–I’ve never had that. I know people who have.

Still, it’s over. I’m expecting a good result. A really good result. Hopefully, the store will be on the year schedule again. 🙂

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