On John McCain and His Disconnect

A day after writing about John McCain and his treatment as a prisoner of war at the hands of the North Vietnamese, I reluctantly find that I must take up the keyboard and write again of John McCain.

When asked, John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, could not name the number of homes that he owns: “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you.”

The answer, by the way, is at least eight.

He owns eight. Possibly more. At least eight.

That’s seven more than most people own. Even eight more than many people own.

A McCain spokesman said “[voters] care a lot more about candidates’ personal ethics than about how many houses or residences or doghouses that John and Cindy McCain own.” Yet when McCain makes the argument that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is an “elitist,” does McCain not realize the yawning chasm between his rhetoric and reality? McCain owns more homes than Obama. McCain had the advantage of nepotism to further his education and career.

Does McCain not realize the disconnect?

At least eight homes. How does that not make McCain the elitist?

4 thoughts on “On John McCain and His Disconnect

  1. Obama’s ad says 7 houses.

    He doesn’t know how many homes John McCain owns!

    How can we trust Barack Obama if he can’t be trusted to know how many homes John McCain, a heroic prisoner of war, owns?

  2. Really? He was a heroic prisoner of war? Why aren’t they playing up that angle? It could probably get him some votes, as long as no one cares about his positions on the issues.

  3. That’s what’s so awesome about McCain…no matter what position you have for any issue…McCain has had it too!

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