On John Munch

John Munch needs to appear in Doctor Who or Torchwood. It’s just that simple.

If John Munch appeared in Who, then Who takes place in the same universe as Arrested Development, Chicago Hope, Homicide, the Law & Orders, and X-Files (and its related shows).

No, I can’t think of any good reason for John Munch to appear in Doctor Who. Just that Munch seems to appear everywhere else.

Hell, if Munch can lead a sting operation against the Bluths using Tobias making a collage, then surely Munch being gruff and sarcastic with the Doctor has a certain appeal. “Hey, bud, will you move that thing off my street? You have a permit for that?” 😉

The campaign begins here! RTD, are you listening? We need John Munch in Who, stat!

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