On Johnny English

I went to see Johnny English this afternoon, having nothing else better to do.

It’s goofy fun. It’s a spy spoof, without being so self-indulgent as the Austin Powers films. John Malkovich makes for a good “Bond villain,” and Natalie Imbruglia was solid as the platonic “Bond girl.”

The relationship between English and his assistant Bough was done rather well. English isn’t quite as sharp as the latter Edmund Blackadders, and Bough has more sense than any Baldrick or Percy.

If English has Blackadder blood in him, he tends to take more after Prince Edmund than any of the latter Blackadders. (Actually, some of the line readings reminded me more of Atkinson’s Doctor Who spoof than Blackadder, come to think of it.)

Not a bad way to spend the afternoon. 🙂

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