On Justice League: The Final Frontier

Imagine this:

  • Batman vs. Worf.
  • Batman vs. Zak Kebron.
  • Batman vs. Si Cwan.

Okay, Batman wins all three fights. Handily.

Imagine this one:

Batman vs. Calhoun.

Okay, Batman wins that one, too.

Okay, so if there were to be a JLA/Star Trek crossover, we probably shouldn’t have it be hero vs. hero; no one can outthink Batman. No one. Not even Q.

Of course, I’d much rather see Trek and the Legion of Super-Heroes. The timefleet of the 29th century attracts the attention of the Time Trapper, and then the Linear Men get involved, and suddenly we have a war across time that drags our 23rd and 24th century heroes into the fray. And of course, the evil genius behind all this would be….

Nah, won’t spoil that. šŸ™‚

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