On K-9

According to reports out of England, a K-9 animated series is in the works.  K-9, for readers unfamiliar with the character, is the robotic dog in Doctor Who that travelled with the Doctor in the mid-1970s and will appear in an upcoming episode of the new Doctor Who series.

From the article:

The cartoon series, which has been commissioned for a Dutch-based cable channel owned by Disney, will be co-written by Bob Baker, one of the creators of the original K-9 and a scriptwriter onWallace and Gromit.

Baker, who is co-writing the 26-programme series of K-9 Adventures for Jetix, formerly known as Fox Kids, said: “It’s thrilling to be able to offer younger Doctor Who fans the chance to get to know K-9. I believe they will love the 21st century K-9 as much as past generations.”

Dare I say it?

Dog!  Dog!  Dog! 🙂

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