On Karl Rove’s Upcoming Departure

First draft of history time — senior Presidential advisor Karl Rove will be resigning his post come the end of August.

The President won’t have Turdblossom — Bush’s nickname for Rove — to kick around any more.

I wish I could write that “It doesn’t surprise me to see Rove leave,” but I’d be lying. I can’t imagine Bush letting Rove leave. Rove is “Bush’s Brain.”

I guess what this means is that Dick Cheney will be making more of the decisions now.

There’s a long profile on Rove in The Atlantic this month and why his — yes, his — Presidency failed. Of course, now the article’s first line — “With more than a year left in the fading Bush presidency, Karl Rove’s worst days in the White House may still lie ahead of him” — is no longer operable; he has no more days in the White House ahead of him.

I’m not sorry to see him go. I think Rove’s strategy of “50 plus 1” was a cancer on the body politic in that he amped up the partisanship of the 90s to a whole new degree.

Still, I can’t imagine why Bush would condone a lobotomy on his administration unless he, like the majority of Americans, wants his presidency to be over, stat.

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