On Kitchen Migrations

Breakfast cereal migrates.

From its nest in the kitchen cabinet, cereal moves to new homes through the house.

I have never seen the process of the actual migration. I have only seen the end results. I am not a trained watcher, and I think that perhaps my presence would “spook” the breakfast cereal.

Yet, it remains a curious thing. How a box of cereal, that belongs in the cabinet, can find its home elsewhere in the house. Often as not, on the dining room table, but occasionally in the living room.

I have, at times, asked my grandmother about the migratory habits of breakfast cereal. She, too, is baffled by the way that cereal boxes may move from room to room. Neither the hows nor the whys are known.

Are cereal boxes like salmon, migrating to a new place to mate? Are cereal boxes like swallows, flying to a new location when the seasons change?

Study is required. The mysterious migratory behavior of cereal boxes must surely have an explanation.

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