On Kittens

I arrived home for work tonight and saw something running across the car port reflected in the headlights. I stopped the car, left the keys in the ignition, and investigated behind the metal shelving and the trash dumpster on the car port.

Kittens. Three of them.

The neighbors’ two cats had kittens recently, about a month apart. The kittens for the first mother have all either been given away or disappeared. The kittens for the second mother seem, at least for tonight, to have moved onto my porch.

We’ll see if they’re still there in the morning. I’ve gone out, picked each of them up, even brought them in the house for study. They’re quiet. Two are shaggy, one’s not. All three are yellow tabbies, and very cute ones at that.

If one or two work out, perhaps I’ll ask the neighbors if I can have one. It’s been odd since Leo ran off.

UPDATE: Thursday morning. Five kittens. The three described above. One champagne colored. The other a rather hideous calico.

One thought on “On Kittens

  1. A hieous Calico?

    Must not have any white in it?

    I only pick calicos with lots of white and brown & black spots.

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