On Kittens

My neighbors have two cats–Cat and Cheddar.

Cat had kittens about six weeks ago. Chedder had kittens Saturday morning.

Cat and her kittens are currently living in the storage shed behind my house. Cat is a blue-grey. Two of her kittens are the same. The other three are a lighter, tiger-striped grey.

My sister came down from Virginia to visit yesterday. The neighbor’s daughter said she could take any (or all) of the kittens if she wished. She took my cat carrier and one of the light-grey tiger-striped.

This annoyed Cat to no end. She would prowl around the porch screen door, certain that her missing kitten was inside. And then, if the door opened just right, she’d rush into the house looking for it. I caught her at one point, in the back half of the house, just outside my office door.

This morning, though, Cat and her brood of four seemed fine. I poked my head in the shed, took a look, and went off to work, not arriving home until after the sun was down after running hither and thither from store to store gathering up Star Wars Galaxies game cards.

I’ll poke my head in tomorrow morning, see how they’re doing.

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