On Klingon Fairy Tales

Once upon a time the Klingon Language Institute translated Shakespeare’s Hamlet back into its “original Klingon.” Likewise Much Ado About Nothing and the Epic of Gilgamesh.

I’ve sometimes wondered about Winnie-the-Pooh, Klingon Warrior.

Now, Klingon Fairy Tales. Not translations into the Warriors’ Tongue, but titles of fairy tales that would appeal to the bumpy heads from Qo’noS.

I kinda like this one: “Little Red Riding Hood Strays Into the Neutral Zone and Is Never Heard From Again, Although There Are Rumors … Awful, Awful Rumors.”

Speaking of the Klingon Hamlet, a strange brainwave I had a few months ago.

Somewhere, somehow there’s a film version of Hamlet that’s fallen into the public domain. It’s inevitable. It might not be very good, it might be done in Serbo-Croatian. But it would be public domain.

If there were such a beast, wouldn’t it be cool if the KLI redid the dialogue tracks in Klingon? Thanks to the miracle of DVD, there might even be money to be made from this educational tool.

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