On K.W. Jeter's Warped

The impression I’ve gotten over the years is that most of the Star Trek novel readership hates K.W. Jeter’s Warped. I’ve always been more than a little mystified by that reaction; I found Warpedto be an engaging and unusual novel that had a good deal more depth than other Trek hardcovers of the period.

Warped is not an easy novel to read. Few other Trek novels play as convincingly with the idea of a reality-clasm. In many respects, Warped is a Star Trek novel as Philip K. Dick might have written it, as it
touches on the traditional phildickian tropes:

  1. what does it mean to be human,
  2. how do people respond when the world they know begins to disintegrate, and
  3. how do people respond when confronted with the reality of the nearly divine?

K.W. Jeter was a friend of Dick’s during the last years of Dick’s life, and as a consequence, I think that some of Philip K. Dick’s outlook on life seeped into Warped.

I enjoyed Warped, but I know that a good many people didn’t. I think it’s unfair, though, to blame the subsequient lack of DS9 hardcovers on Warped.

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