On Late Summer Doldrums

Ever feel just really disconnected?

That’s about how I’m feeling these days. Politics? Not feeling engaged right now. Baseball? The Cubs :cubs: aren’t making me happy. Work? It’s there. Life? I have a headache.

The only thing news worthy of the past week that’s held any interest for me is the splitting of Oasis with Noel Gallagher’s departure from the band. Of course, this prompted me to put together a playlist in Winamp called “Oasis 1” that, taking its inspiration from The Beatles 1, plays all of their #1 singles from the US, the UK, and Australia.

Oh, and Opera 10 debuted today. I’ve been on Alphas and Betas for so long with Opera 10 that I don’t even know the difference with the real deal. 🙂

It’s just the late summer doldrums. I think we all go through that.

And apropos of nothing, Leif Erikson Day is commemorated on October 9th. Just something completely random I learned today.

All of that said, once I get my thoughts organized, I do have a political post on its way.

And here’s to this unseasonably wonderful weather continuing for a few more days. :cheers:

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